Saint Reinette's University & Orphanage

"No one is ever too old to learn."

Saint Reinette’s University and Orphanage is an Ishgardian-Inspired, school-themed roleplaying Free Company on the Balmung server.

This web page should help familiarize yourself with the University and everything it has to offer.

Currently Looking For:
Teachers, Administrative Staff, Students, Orphans, Security Staff, Medical Staff

Not Currently looking for: Non-Company (Guest) members.

(St.Reinette’s University. Write your own journey with us! Education for everyone.

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Ward 2 Plot 33 - Lavender beds)


Saint Reinette's University is a School-Themed roleplaying free company on the Balmung Server of the Crystal data center. Formed on 1/18/16, the university has been around a number of years to provide education and RP opportunities. The university could be considered a plot-driven 'slice of life' company, with a focus on daily life in Eorzea, rather than a grand adventure. If interested in visiting the University Manor, you can find it at Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 33.

Saint Reinette's University is primarily formed around the basic idea of a weekly school event roster: school classes, student clubs, company events, or out of character social events. Taking both the opportunities to teach in game and real world knowledge, so that you and your character might learn something; while also having fun with it.

The University is structured as such that you have multiple avenues for creativity in the setting. Beyond joining as a teacher or student, you may join the security staff, the medical staff, the R&D team or support staff; each with unique RP hooks to help company members engage one another in the setting.

What to Expect:

  • Focused weekly lessons - Anything from combat, specific magicks, history, in-game lore on a particular subject, or real world subjects.

  • Student-Ran Clubs - Book Clubs, Triple Triad, Adventure, or whatever seems like a fun time for a student get together!

  • A Company Main Storyline - An overarching storyline in the background of day to day life (Think Harry Potter.) as well as insistence on helping members formulate personal story plots that everyone can get involved in.

  • Holiday-Specific or Annual Events - School dances, field trips, beach day, holiday charity events, etc

  • Out of Character Social Events - Company Movie Night! Cards against Humanity! Just doing stuff together as friends!

Company Rules

University Handbook (IC Rules)

1.)The Dress Code

Staff and students are encouraged to dress appropriately while on school grounds. This primarily means wearing at least: A shirt, and trousers while in public. Girls are allowed skirts, so long as they wear stockings to cover the majority of their legs. Armor should only be worn during appropriate lessons, events, or by security staff.

The bare minimum acceptable clothing is a full vest that covers both the belly, chest, and back. (As pictured below.) As well as a pair of trousers, or a skirt with stockings. For boys, a pair of shorts.

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable attire are as follows:

Out of Character Policies

1. The Company Chest

The Company chest has three tabs, plus the crystal tab. Every rank except for New Student or inactive have access to the first two tabs. These tabs are free so people can throw in extra stuff that they do not need nor want. It is not a dumping ground for your junk, however. Please note that items put in tab one or two are FREE to grab. So if you’ve got something you want to hold onto, try not to put anything in there.

Tab three is for Officer/Admin access only; and is often related to company crafting or storage of event furniture. Company funds are usually a dump of extra money that I’m saving up for company events, new furniture, or other stuff. Feel free to donate, but it is not required of anyone.

Appropriate clothing

Innappropriate clothing

2. Excessive Lewdness

While the company is listed as 18+, we ask that you try to remain somewhat civil in FC chat, discord and voice chat. You’re not barred from being lewd in private, nor as friendly banter among friends. Please keep in mind that in FC chat, people may not want semi-erotic discussions. If you are being lewd at an uncomfortable level, you will be asked to stop. If you say ‘you’re stifling my creative personality!’ you will be kicked from the company. Do not test this rule.

2.) Weapon Policy.

Weaponry should never be worn in public school areas, unless required for a combat or magic class. Students and staff, with the exception of Security staff, and medical staff (wands, crooks, etc, for healing) and teachers that require their specified weapons. Students are expected to keep weaponry in their rooms. Failure to adhere to this will result in your gear being taken away and placed in the school security locker until deemed fit for return. This policy is in place to protect staff and students from each other, as well as providing a safe environment for those who cannot defend themselves.


Professionalism on school grounds is important. While in public areas, you remain civil and act as if the school is your home; as by all rights it is. This covers things such as not insulting your fellow staff/students, not fighting on school grounds, as well as having the decency to not show off too much PDA with your significant other. Relationships between staff and students are not forbidden, but do not need to be the center of attention whilst out in the open. Use discretion. When guests visit the school, the impression you leave is oftentimes a big one.

4.)Drugs and Alcohol.

The school has a moderate policy pertaining to alcohol. Anyone under the age of eighteen should not consume alcohol. People should not be getting drunk in public, but alcohol can and will be served on school grounds. Anyone caught breaking this rule, or acting drunk and disorderly in public school grounds will have their right revoked, and alcohol confiscated. Drugs, such as Sonmus, catnip, or whatever else constitutes as a drug, will be cause for immediate termination.


Harassment within the school is a serious issue. If any member of the staff, or any of your fellow students make you feel uncomfortable through their words or actions; bring it to a teacher, or the headmistress. This includes yelling at people for no reason, undressing them with your eyes, lewd hand gestures, or so on and so forth. It is sometimes difficult to determine if a situation is considered harassment, as some see their behavior, and the behavior of others as 'good fun' while others see it as distasteful or downright offensive. If someone asks you to stop what you're doing, it might be a good idea.

3. Fantasia Policy

As per the Free company interpretation of the lore, fantasia is a meta-object that does not exist within the game world. This means that members should not race change existing characters into something new using fantasia or fantasia-like effects (Curses, glamours, surgeries, etc etc.). If you want to use fantasia, such can be utilized for cosmetic changes. (Height, bust size, etc.) Fantasia should be used in the process of creating a new character with a new name and backstory. Not existing characters. Anything else should be brought to the attention of the leadership; and discussed before it happens.

4. Chat Guidlines

While we try not to stifle discussions that are interesting, we do ask that you keep real-life politics and religion out of the in-game guild chat and the Discord group, as they tend to devolve into mud-slinging rather quickly.

Do not attempt to personally attack anyone in Free company chat, or anywhere on discord for their character, their character's choices, or make discriminatory remarks towards players for their gender, sexual preferences, race, religion or anything else that may be considered an attack.

5. Lore policy.

Members are expected to have lore-abiding, quality roleplay - This means we expect you to make an effort with proper grammar and spelling (we all make mistakes but please make the effort). Also know this means no godmoding, no meta-gaming, and no lore breaking. The lore may be reasonably 'bent' where applicable, but please discuss such with your officers or headmistress. While we accept members who are new to the game, we expect these members to ask questions about the lore, and work to understand what is and isn't possible.

University Members


Higura Gainishigi

Administrative and Logistical Support.
Character Information: Carrd

Telinna Synallis

Professor of Aetherological and Astrological Studies.
Clairvoyant Archon and Motherly Veena.
Character Info: Ask, Carrd in-progress

Kaylee Wray

Security. Door Guard.
Quiet Raen Swordswoman.
Character Info: Ask.

Arik Nokhoi

Groundskeeper. Pacifist.
Tribal. Has pet sheep named Toba.
Character Info: Ask.


Chiyuki Uta

Proficient in swords.
Polite, Brave, Creative.
Character Information: Ask.

Mai Orleo

Student of History, Magic and Fashion.
Empathetic. Hails from the Golmore Jungle.
Character Info: Ask.

How to Join

1. While ingame, send an application to the free company; and someone will be able to assist you at their earliest convenience.

2. Join our Discord server, and introduce yourself. An Admin or Moderator will assist you.

3. Contact me (Higura Gainishigi) in-game. Alternatively, you can send me a message at the Hydaelyn Roleplayer Coalition. (The RPC.) Additionally, I am available on Discord. You can reach me at Higura#1869.

University Roles

The university is comprised of several different components working in tandem with one another. Each of the available job categories will be listed below, with expected responsibilities.

The University is comprised the following six different role categories: Administration, Security, Medical, Support, R&D, and Learners. All staff are welcome to attend lessons if they so choose.

Any questions about the breakdown of roles, please feel free to ask. If there is a position you want, please reference the staff and students page to see that it has not already been claimed.


Administration is comprised of Teachers, and other 'executive' positions such as a secretary or librarian. Aside from teachers, positions are varied in what they contribute to the school.

Teachers are responsible for hosting lessons, instructing students in various forms of education, lore, and real world knowledge.
Example Classes: Combat, Physical Education, Arcanima, Eorzean History, Othardian History, Clockwork Engineering.
Teacher Responsibilities:
1. Host a Lesson /Class Weekly or Bi-Weekly on the same day each week.
2. Write your own lesson plan and be willing to teach students effectively, while still making it fun.
3. Be willing to assist with event hosting should it be asked of you.


Medical Staff is comprised of.. Medical personnel. Doctors, Curative Mages, Therapists, Psychologists, etc.
Medical Responsibilities:
1. Care for Staff and Students well-being.
2. Be present for combat events in case of injury.
3. Provide Medical Exams to Staff and Students.

Research and Development

Research and Development is comprised of Engineers, Tinkerers and mechanically-inclined Staff. Primarily working with the University Workshop and responsible for the Airships, Submarines and any technology related to the school.

R&D Responsibilities:
1. Govern usage of workshop materials.
2. Structure technology focused events for staff and students.
3. That dumb Aetherial Wheel.


Security. Comprised of hired adventurers and sellswords willing to stand around and protect kids.The only members of the house that are permitted weapons and armor on school grounds.
Security Responsibilities:
1. Ensure Staff and Students do not fight, breaking up fights if necessary.
2. Attending outdoor events and lessons to ensure safety of Staff and Students.
3. Coordinate with Security Chief and participate in Security Missions.
4.Deal with unwanted guests on property.


Support Staff is comprised of various staff positions that do not fit into another category. Groundskeepers, maids, tavern operator or workers, school councilor, etc. Responsibilities vary widely based on position. Ask for recommendations or make suggestions on ways to generate RP as a member of support staff.


Learners are comprised of Students, Orphans, and Residents.

Students primarily attend classes, events, and usually have a focus on building their character with skills and experiences.
Student Responsibilities:
1.Attend Lessons and Events.
2. Can host and attend school clubs.

Orphans are... well, orphans. Having lost their parents, they are taken in by the school and cared for. Typically younger characters.
Orphan Responsibilities:
1. Can attend some classes and clubs.

Residents: Not exactly students. People who live at the University, but are currently not employed or learning. Generally people who do not login often or RP often. No responsibilities.